Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

As a springboard to creative discussion of what our meeting as a whole is thinking, feeling, coming from and going to, each person was encouraged to consider seven queries—provided by BYM—about their own relationship with the meeting community. How do we minister to one another? How do we help one another sense the Light? How do we nurture one another’s spiritual growth? In what ways does our diversity strengthen our love and community? How does our spiritual love for one another shape the ways we address our differences and resolve our conflicts? What do we need most to deepen the spiritual life of the meeting? What was so painful or controversial last year that I do not want to put it into the state of the meeting report?
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Interchange – Fall 2008

Patuxent Friends hosted Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting at beautiful Ann Marie Gardens (www.annmariegarden.org) on 15 June 2008. During the afternoon program Shawn MacDonald spoke on “Living on the Edge while Drawing from the Center.” She shared her personal journey as a Presbyterian minister and counselor, who is currently living with Patuxent Friends Meeting as a Sojourner. Guests were invited to stay for a follow-up discussion or take a walk in the garden, contemplating what “Meeting that of God while walking in the world” means to them. One visiting Friend commented that Patuxent’s gathering were some of the most intimate and spiritual quarterly meetings that he had attended.
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